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#1: All gold skins, no trophy... Author: topper4125 PostPosted: Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:52 pm
The first weapon I got a gold skin for was the Bolt action... Last night, I got one for the Semi-Auto (Yay) I was going to start working on muzzle loader, but when setting up a custom, the gold skin was an option... I've never fired one ever... then I noticed, I have gold skins for ALL the weapons... It didn't do this with my first gold, but now I have them all

That's not the way its supposed to work is it?

This is the paid for Download version (Legal copy and all that stuff).

Just wondering if that's the way its supposed to work or not.

EDIT: I just noticed... I *DO* have the trophy too... but there's no way I earned it.. I've never fired a bow, and the only hand gun I used was for last weeks contest, never a shotgun, and only today started using the muzzle loader.

And my character score is only 107 (Personal best, I've only owned the game for about a week, but don't play every day).

#2: Re: All gold skins, no trophy... Author: VidarLocation: ...somewhere at the west coast of Norway... PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 3:02 am
You are right - it's not how it's suppose to be.  That's a bug in the game that happens sometimes.

The first profile I made in that game back in 2004 I had to work through all weapons to get the gold skins, but when I got a new pc and reinstalled the game I got the skins on all weapons after obtaining the GS on the ss rifle and the ss pistol.

Not sure how the mechanics of this bug works but I know it was a lot more fun having to work a bit on getting those skins.  Myself I have the retail (CD) version and it was patched to v1.2 in both cases. -> Deer Hunter 2005

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