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#1: Hacks and Cheats, ie...1.3mod Author: Magnum1973 PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, 2009 3:01 pm
The only mods that are supported by this site and open for discussion is the 1.3 patch and isv mod for DH2004.  The 1.3 mod added rare deer and the isv added 3 new species.

Any modification of any of the games here that change the frequency you see rare deer, add to the bag limit, change the size of the racks, allow you to get close to the deer etc... is deemed a hack by this site, this means the 1.3 mod (hack)for DH2005 found else where.  We HAVE NOT, DO NOT AND WILL NOT support this type of modification of the deer hunter games.  DO NOT POST in the forums asking where to get this hack, how it works, or any other questions or info about it.  You will only get one warning about it.  

If in the future someone is able to add a new species without changing the basics of gameplay then we will review such mod.  Until then this is the last I want to hear about this.

Thank You and Happy Hunting.

#2: Re: Hacks and Cheats Author: REZ325Location: Harrisburg, PA PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2009 8:44 pm
That includes sending Private Messages to other site members directing them to where they can find it at! We are a competitive online hunting site, we will NOT allow  cheats to make it in here. If I catch one PM going to another member about where to find this info, "YOU WILL BE BANNED"!!!!! no questions asked, you have been warned!

hagadoo.com -> General Talk

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