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#1: About Your Weekly Entry? Author: REZ325Location: Harrisburg, PA PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2009 7:48 pm
Every week our numbers grow, new members are joining in on the hunts, & Magnum & I are left to put challenging hunts together & score them every Sunday. On average, we look at over 60 files every Sunday (just for DH2005) to determine a winner. Last week we found a problem with some files being submitted. As a result, this hunter was disqualified for his past weeks effort. I will explain where the problem arose from.

Each map created by its maker, has a specific signature, (like your finger prints) you will find this after the name of the map in the trophy room & dht file. This weeks map, "CHIPPEWA RIVER" signature code is B286 (found directly after the map name). Last weeks hunt on the map called "WHITETAIL PASSAGE VALLEY" code was D8E5. This hunters map codes on his entry did not match everyone Else's code. Therefore we had to disqualify his entry. This was the only way to keep it fair to all the other hunters that submitted entries with the correct code.

So long story short, we look at everything submitted here very closely, if there is anything irregular or different with your entry, it will probably  end up being disqualified. If you ever have any questions, please send Magnum or myself a PM and we can look into for you.

Happy Hunting


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#2: Re: About Your Weekly Entry? Author: DeerKillersLocation: Italy PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 5:01 am
Hey Ray, do you know that the code changes for each season?
Rut is different from post rut...
I asked that question in the old site I think.

#3: Re: About Your Weekly Entry? Author: REZ325Location: Harrisburg, PA PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 11:56 am
Yes., Mag & I discussed that also. This was not the issue here. These Maps  had all three seasons in 1 SPK file.

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