One Atlered Axis Buck!?
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#1: One Atlered Axis Buck!? Author: ShilohLocation: IN NARNIA c: PostPosted: Fri Nov 29, 2013 11:49 am
Yup. If I had gotten a screenshot in time, or if it even worked on my computer, I could've shown you guys TWO Axis bucks with only one antler. Throughout about.. 7 years of having this game, never have I ever seen something like that. I was freaking out and squealing over it too.
OH! And so sorry for being gone (pretty sure ya didn't miss me anyways) but my laptop broke, I had to go into surgery the day before yesterday. It was mouth surgery which sucked too. Had to eat all soft foods for the bet day of the entire year. ;-;

Just wanted to know if you guys have seen anything like this before. I've seen all the other spicies with one antler missing before, but never Axis c:

Wishing the universe and more to everyone,
-Shiloh A. M. -> Deer Hunter 2005

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