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#1: Getting the best video performance from the game Author: DanthemanBooneLocation: Rotorua New Zealand PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2013 11:05 pm
Game settings for Dh2005

It is possible to do a custom set up for DH2005 that will give you a better game experience and higher frame rate than the standard low, medium, high and ultra by making a few minor  changes within those default settings.
Starting at the top, open the settings from inside the game while it is running in scout mode on a map.

Full Ultra settings
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Set the game to ultra.
Select Ultra at the bottom of the settings screen.
Turn up your screen resolution to the max you can. (Lower screen resolution degrades picture quality but sometimes increases frame speeds)
Turn off ..compress textures. ( This is not required unless there are black lines through the ground textures )
Set shadows to medium .( Shadows have little effect on game or picture Quality.)
Turn of FSSA. (This setting only limits the FPs to a max of 60)
Make sure water reflections are on high or less. Not Ultra.  (This is the setting that will make the most difference.)
Turn off Vert Sync.
Click apply and wait for it to reload.

Modified Ultra
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Now the Frame speed has jumped from 8fps to 23fps with no loss in picture quality or detail.
You can check your Frame speed (FPS) by pressing F8 on the keyboard. It will show in the top right corner of the screen. ( The frame speed on these pics are on the bottom right, because I use a third party counter)
Then using the F4 button and the scout map, jump around the map untill you find the spot where the FPS is the lowest. You can move about  the map by simply clicking your mouse on the desired position on the scout map.
You will want to be getting an average of 30 fps or better but down as low as 20fps will still be playable.
If you are lower than you would like, press escape , go back to the Video settings and drop the ground objects from Ultra to High. apply and check the FPS again.

Modified Ultra ..  ground objects High
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Still to slow? .. drop the Ground objects to Med.

Modified Ultra .. ground objects Medium
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Again too slow drop to Low.

Modified Ultra .. ground objects Low
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Of course with each drop the detail on the map drops until now the map is bare.. but if you still have a problem go back to the beginning and set the Main Default to High and reset all the controls the same as you did the first time with the ULtra settings.
Then if you are still struggling use the Medium or Low default settings.

You can also get a few more FPs by backing off the Tree density slider. ( Removes some of the bigger trees )
and by backing off the View distance slider ( but you wont be able to see so far, or shoot animals at the max possible distance on the map )
Both these sliders can only be set by opening the settings from the equipping page before you enter the map .. not with a map already open.

Remember, some maps will fly and others will be slower depending on the machine they were built on and the mapmaker who made them..
Hopefully you will be able to set up your game to run the maps at reasonable frame speeds and still have the amount of detail that you want on the map.

#2: Re: Getting the best video performance from the game Author: VicLocation: Danville,VA PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2013 4:57 pm
all ultra baby Laughing even ground objects Razz

#3: Re: Getting the best video performance from the game Author: Mickey PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2013 8:41 pm
On over loaded maps I would say turn the V-sync off on normal maps I would say turn it on.  Does make a difference on some maps and depends on the card and monitor you have.

#4: Re: Getting the best video performance from the game Author: Mr_MuleLocation: Covington, Virginia PostPosted: Tue May 28, 2013 7:41 pm
I'm happy to say that I don't have to play with my settings anymore.
I finally got a respectable video card, 1gb ATI 4650.
Now I can run the game on ultra & get max fps.
It runs Black Ops great to.  Very Happy  Cool -> DH2005 tips and tricks

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