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#1: Re: "Tips an Tricks" To Improve Your General Hunti Author: Jesse James PostPosted: Wed Feb 04, 2009 2:53 pm
#10/Check your scores every week.

Here is a tip from ole JJ.  It has nothing to do with hunter skills, in game, but will make sure you receive the fruits of your labor which is very important when you are in competition with other hunters.

Every week after the weekly scores, hunter standings and Legend standings are posted, bring up that page and hit Print Screen on your key board.  Then go out to the desk top and open your Paint program and paste the page into it.  Then save the page as a .jpg to a folder you have created.  What I did was name them Legend1, Legend2, Legend3, Legend4.  Next weekend, I will name it Legend5.  Check and add your weekly score, weight and distance and add it to the previous Legend score to see if your score is correct.  You also should check the Hunter Standings for correctness also.

The most important part of any competition is making sure your scores are correct. Don't depend solely on the ones doing it for you and posting it, they are human also, and can make mistakes.  They are very busy keeping the site going and there are a lot of hunters hunting the tournaments now.  So you should do your part also and make sure your scores are correct and let them know if they are not.  That also goes for letting them know if they gave you to much for score, be honest and tell them.

A simple way to check to see if your scores are calculated correctly, is to check the weight and distance listed in the Current Standing and the Legend Standings.  If the weight and distance are not exactly the same then you have a problem.

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