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#1: All Active Site Members, Please Read Author: REZ325Location: Harrisburg, PA PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2012 9:47 pm
Wow, another long year is about to come to a close, and amazingly this 8 year old game is still kicking! Congratulations goes out to Ron for capturing another Legend title. Ron is one of our most elite hunters and members that fall into the category along side with Vic & Jesse James for multiple legend titles. Congratulations also goes out to Mr hot load Vic himself for most Rare Deer shot this cycle.
I would also like to thank DanthemanBoone for all the help he gives the site with map support and Misty for running our weekly hunts. I could not keep this place running with out there help, Thank You very Much my Friends Smile

Now for some important announcements Smile

1. Map Maker Hash Tag;
As some of you may have seen, I made a hash tag to go after our map makers login name here on the site. I wanted to recognize these members for the support  and content they give to the site. Currently Lucky, Spaze (Don),  Jimbo, & Kent Maple all have been given the Tag of "Map Maker" If you like making maps and contribute them to our site you will be awarded this tag. I currently set the bar for 20 maps or custom content objects to receive the tag.
2. Private Forums;
I have been bouncing around the thought of having a private forum for long time active members. a private place where we can go to vent or talk about anything we choose, only seen by a select few. Content and what will be discussed is still being talked about with the staff here. I am still trying to work out some technical issues for with in the site, but I hope to get this up and running by the end of the holidays.
3. Weekly Hunts;
I gave a lot of thought and got some great input back from the staff about our weekly hunts. I am leaning to pushing the weekly hunt to a bi-weekly hunt (2 a month, verses 4). Maybe more maps and bigger objectives. Maybe more time will allow more to participate. Either way there will be a new format after the New Year.
4. The Legend;
This is the legend hunt as you will know it to be. The title legend is being retired as of today. Ron will keep the title, until our next big hunt off is announced. The new name ONLY of the hunt will be picked from the members here at the site. Remember I have to be able to fit it onto a banner here, so choose your name carefully. The details of the hunt are still being talked about with the staff, and I hope to release this info sometime after the new year also.

I will open another forum announcement for you to put your suggestion in for the new name of the hunt.

Please have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

REZ325 -> Site Announcements

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