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#1: Weekly Hunt Rules Author: REZ325Location: Harrisburg, PA PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 5:03 pm

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For those who are too lazy to search for them:

Hunting Rules

1. CHEATING IS NOT ALLOWED! Anyone caught using trainers, cheats, or hacks will be banned from the hunt, No questions asked. Future participation in all hunts will be the decision reserved to the Staff at Hagadoo.Com only!

2. The use of a thermal scope or any exotic gear is not allowed. This gear can only be used when it is stated in the hunts objective.

3. Anyone can enter & join the weekly hunts, however you must be registered at Hagadoo.Com before the hunt starts to be eligible.

4. The name you are registered with at Hagadoo.com must be the name you are hunting with. If it is different, please contact the staff prior to the hunt beginning.

5. All distances are to be set in yards, unless other wise stated in the hunts objective.

6. Spikes & half racks will not be counted unless otherwise stated in the hunts objective.

7. To make your entry valid, you must send in both screen shots (F10) & dht files (Export) by 12 O'clock noon the day the hunt ends.

8. The staff reserves the right to review all hunters profiles. If asked to do so, please send it to the prospective hunts mailing address. You will not be allowed to hunt until your profile is received.

9. Ties will be settled in this manner. Total distance shot will determine the winner, then total weight, & lastly total tines.

10. You must hunt with the stated weapon for every hunt. No multi-weapon entries will be accepted,unless the weapon for that week is "ANY" The only exception to the rule is any animal taken with the Compound, Recurve,or the Longbow (sorry, no crossbow for this exception!) will be accepted.

11. Weekly hunts can be done in single player, or multi-player mode. Skill level must be set to expert.

12. If you open a server, please include "Hagadoo" in the servers name so we will know it is in support of the weekly hunts. If you pass word protect your server, Please pass out your pass word to the weekly hunters. (this is not a mandatory rule!)

13. All weapons must be named! No "New Weapon 1"!! If you send your entries in with and unnamed weapon on them, your entries will be accepted, but will not be valid for that week

14. When hunting on a server. DO NOT spawn on top of others, use your GPS when entering the map. Harvest deer with the weapon of the week. Failure to follow this rule could result in losing the privilege of hunting on our servers.

15. The Rare Tourney will run from January to June, and July to December, unless other wise stated.

16. The use of "Mod's" or "Patches" obtained from other sites is strictly forbidden & prohibited. Only downloads found on this site are allowed to be used and will be fully supported.

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hagadoo.com -> Deer Hunter 2005

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