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Lucky's Thoughts on TheHunter

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2013 10:34 pm Post subject: Lucky's Thoughts on TheHunter Reply with quote

Not so long ago Sam "Trulight" put up a pole for interest in the online game called "TheHunter" as to conducting competitions
here on Hagadoo.

I had reservations about the game and voiced my opinion in a closed forum.  the answers I recieved
in that forum prodded me into getting involved again with "TheHunter" and trying some competitions there.
to make a long story short with Dan's and Trulights insights I fell for the game enough to really
take a look at Sam's Pole again and to consider it for Hagadoo.
here is part of his response to my post

Sam's Quote:
"I also know that, (IF keywords this is just brainstorming) we were running tournaments like other sites
you would run a free mule deer tournament (which every free player can hunt).  We could have our own
members sponsoring tournaments which would pay out EM$.  I know that me personally I would sponsor
a lot of tournaments, where simply if you won, I'd send you a gift code for however many EM$ that tournament
was worth.  (This does not include tournaments that if you win on the hunter can get you EM$ as well.)

Long story short, with a little bit of work, you can play theHunter 100% FREE and still have a LOT of great

End Quote:

To tell the truth Sam's reflections about DH2005 becoming outdated is coming to be.

Each time I play the now Bi-weekly tournament,  I reflect on how maybe the DH2005
series has ran its course.  Each tournament we play now we get less and less involvement from the members.
With a membership of over 6,000 one would think at least 50 or so would like to compete in them.
However most Bi-weeklies get (at the most) 10 dedicated players involved and last week only 5 had
entries.  That is pretty low percentage.  

It seems to be falling away like DH2004 and others

"TheHunter" in contrast is trying new things all the time animals, new weapons, new incentives and they added
multi-player feature that was long needed.  although map making has went away playing on "TheHunter" is realistic
using their maps which are quite immense in area and detail.  Animals have great intelligence and realistic in their response
to hunting.  Plus a lot of work went into the animal graphics so as to emulate the real thing.  Their Fourms are open to
even Guests and are quite informative.  Multi-player is a work in progress so still has some flaws but all in all it works pretty well

I know it is a lot of work for Misty to set up and score the Top Gun Series competitions.  and she does
it all for less than 10 players ?.

I think Sam's Suggestion about conducting competitions with the Scoring from "The Hunter" and his ideas
about members is viable and might be an incentive to get more members involved.

Dan Suggested I look at the way HoneyWest and DHRifleman conducted their tournaments , I did and
it looks as if they have it down to a science .  I also looked at the way Shadow Hunters conducted
theirs and it was similar but their site has been shut down due to lack of interest from their members.

I do not want to see the same thing happen to Hagadoo.

I will play both for a while to see how things go.

Forums are for putting out ideas and thoughts about the game those are mine about DH-2005 vs "TheHunter"

any others ?

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2013 8:11 am Post subject: Re: Lucky's Thoughts on TheHunter Reply with quote

I think that if you go back through the posts in theHunter forum here on hagadoo there was always the hope that thehunter would eventually become fully supported on hagadoo. The main thing that was bugging everyone was the Multiplayer aspect.
Hagadoo and some of the members have supported and played the hunter for many years now.
The site competition organisation aspect of the hunter will be no more of a problem than the DH2005 bi weeklies are now.The trophy records from the hunter will replace the dht and everything will go on as usual.
The problem of cheating is minimal and watched by the developers themselves. Anyone playing the hunter is monitored by them.
there are websites all over the world that are dedicated to the hunter, many new and a few of the old sites that have already made the move.

Just Know that DH2005 will never die. It will live on in the memories of young and old for years to come. It is surprising to learn just how many are still discovering it and falling under the spell. Many younger players (on the hand me down computers that are not suitable for playing the hunter) are still playing it. On any time I can find members here who never play our competitions, downloading the maps. Our membership continues to grow daily.

In the final analysis it is up to Rez to decide whether there is enough support for such a change and if that is the way he wants to take hagadoo next.
I believe the time has come to consider the possibility.

Old Hunters never die.They just sit around the campfire and tell the biggest lies.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 7:38 am Post subject: Re: Lucky's Thoughts on TheHunter Reply with quote

Great posts guys as most of you know I've been playing thehunter since they first let me in LOL.  I play it daily hardly play thehunter comps though they lack interest anymore Smile But I did move to another site to play tournaments.  I won't post the name of the site I went to unless rez says its ok to do so.  But the multiplayer is way better on thehunter than you will find in dh2005.  I know it took EW way to long to add the multiplayer if they would of done it sooner things might of changed faster.  One thing with thehunter they are always adding and changing things.  example new weapons they just added a new 44 revolver which I haven't tried out yet but I hear its pretty good.  But I say to everyone if your computer can play thehunter you should try it out.  I know some may like it some may not just depends on your style of game play.  I know dan plays it alot as well hes getting his hunter scores up.  If anyone has questions about thehunter im always around so is dan one of us should be able to help answer them.  To be honest I don't ever wanna see 05 die lots of memories there.  Good luck everyone

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