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Tutorial..Making Season Maps

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 2:18 pm Post subject: Tutorial..Making Season Maps Reply with quote

Season Maps Tutorial for Dh 2005.

Making Season maps for DH2005 had long been a mystery that I had been unable to unravel.

Recently I have been asked to help with making season maps and so I decided it was time to
apply Myself and learn how to do it.

This tutorial is written on the basis that you already know how to make a single season map.

The first step is simply to make a map in the normal manner and this first map will
become the basis for the others to be made from.

This is the Master map.
This map is normally made as a Pre-rut or Rut season.

You can make a map with two season folders only.. EG..

  XYZ-prerut-rut and XYZ-postrut..

  or XYZ-prerut and XYZ-rut-postrut

  And you can start with any season as the master map and make your folders to suit.

For simplicity sake I will start with Prerut and make three maps in chronological order.

  XYZ denotes the name you have chosen to call your map.

1. Open the editor and select New and fill in the windows.

  Map Directory
  we will name the folder XYZ and tack the season tag on after the folder name name.

  Map Name  
  Simply name the map XYZ

  Type in a brief description, it may be changed later.

  World Height
  The height you have chosen


  Now in the editor when you set the profile information only check the season box for prerut.
  Go ahead and set the rest of the profile so you can open the map in game to check your progress.
  You do Not have to make an spk file to run a map.

  Carry on and build your map the same as always.
  Run the lights on the map unless you specifically want separate sets of light maps for each season.
  Make the cube map if the map has water.
  Load the cloud textures if you wish to include them.
  Make the GameMap, GameMinimap and InterfaceMap from the Editor map and load them

2. When the map is finished remove the map folder from the Custom level folder to your desktop
  and make two new folders.
  Name one folder   XYZ-rut
  and the other     XYZ-postrut

  Now copy and paste all the files from XYZ-prerut into the two new folders.

  Now make a cover folder and put all the folders inside and keep it somewhere safe.

3. Load the folder XYZ-rut you have made into the Custom level folder.
  Open the XYZ-rut folder and find the Terrain file (level.ter) and double click it.
  The map will open in the level editor.
  Provided you have not used any custom textures, custom objects, custom sounds or custom backgrounds,
  it will be that simple.

  If you have used custom files you will have to open the terrain file (level.ter) with notepad
  and find every one of the listings for the custom files and change the file path manually to link to the new
  When you try to open the map You will get an error message asking if you wish to veiw the log files.
  Click yes and the problem file will be identified for you at the end of the log file.
  This will keep happening untill you have found and linked every instance of those custom files to the rut folder.

  E.G. a is changed to b -----------------------Here

a   TexLayer[1] = Grass1, customlevels\xyz-prerut\grass 27.jpg, data\world\groundtextures\wiregrasswinter[det]_ga.stx, 1.00, 1.00, 2.00, 2.00, 5, 1.00, 5, 6;
b   TexLayer[1] = Grass1, customlevels\xyz-rut\grass 27.jpg, data\world\groundtextures\wiregrasswinter[det]_ga.stx, 1.00, 1.00, 2.00, 2.00, 5, 1.00, 5, 6;
 E.G. a is changed to b---------------------------------------------------------------------Here
a   Custom[@ObjType] = Name:Train|Mode:Linked|Filename:<200>customlevels\xyz-prerut\twf train\locomotive_c40-8w[3dm].j3d|XAxisMin:
b   Custom[@ObjType] = Name:Train|Mode:Linked|Filename:<200>customlevels\xyz-rut\twf train\locomotive_c40-8w[3dm].j3d|XAxisMin:
  Custom objects loaded with the object placer will not show as object instances, but every instance placed
  manually (Right Click on the map) will have an object instance file path that will have to be changed.
  E.G. a is changed to b ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here
a   Helper[@ObjInst] = 7869.47, 236.50, 1147.68, 97.76, 0.71, 0.00, 0.71, 0.00, 1.00, 0.00, @CreateObject: customlevels\xyz-prerut\twf train\locomotive_c40-8w[3dm].j3d;
b   Helper[@ObjInst] = 7869.47, 236.50, 1147.68, 97.76, 0.71, 0.00, 0.71, 0.00, 1.00, 0.00, @CreateObject: customlevels\xyz-rut\twf train\locomotive_c40-8w[3dm].j3d;

  And.. If you have used custom objects as Dynamic objects,you will have to open the Dynamic objects text
  file with notepad and change the file path there as well.

  OH Dear. lets pretend that didn't happen.
4. When you have the map open in the editor you can change your textures to suit the new season and
  you can swap objects (Snow..Winter files) Change sound and renderfix files, and remove objects
  or add more objects etc etc untill you have the second season rut environment.

  Do not rename the map in the editor profile. It is important that all three maps have the same map name.

  Make sure you have unchecked the Pre-rut box on the profile and checked the rut box.

  Then remove the XYZ-rut map folder and put it back in its safe place.

5. Now take the XYZ-postrut folder and load it to the Custom level folder and repeat the execise.
  This time unchecking the pre-rut box and checking post-rut.

6. When you have finished all three folders load them all to the custom level folder and run the map.
  If all has gone well the Map will show once on the map list and all three seasons will be available to play.

7. Run each of the seasons to get your screenshots and loading screens, convert them and do all your artwork.
  Then load them to their correct folders.
  You may wish to make a LoadingBG.png for the scout season, if so Name it LoadingBG_scout and copy the
  Loading BG.tex file and rename it to LoadingBG_scout.tex.
  Load both the files to the pre-rut folder and the scout loading screen will show when you choose to scout.

8. When everything is done open each folder in the editor and make your 3 spk files and name them
  and XYZ-postrut respectivly
  Remove the folders and run the spk files to check everything is working.
  (If there is a problem delete the spk files and reload the folder you have to alter.
  When you are satisfied reload all the folders .. check and Then make the new spk files.
  Run your map again.)
9.  Make a Zip folder with the same map name ( and load all three spk files.
   Include a Readme file to credit any custom object makers or any one who's work you have used.

10 Send your zip to anyone you know crazy enough to want to play this game.

Thanks go to Lucky and Magnum for their patience and advice and all those who cheered me on
when I was running last.
                                  And to Misty for forcing me to get off my butt and get moving.



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