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Site Rules

1. Each registered user may have only one (1) user name. If you attempt to have two (2) user names, you will receive a warning. All information must be true & accurate. Failure to comply could result in being banned from the site. The Staff reserves the right to check this by accessing the users IP address. If they are found to be the same, you will be warned. With out a good explanation, the second account will be deleted or banned.

2. Any shouts or posts that contain obscene or offensive language will be edited or deleted & the individual making the post will be warned. Any shout or post that is meant to degrade ones race or religion will be edited or deleted & the individual will be warned. Repeated warnings could result in banning from the site. Please post & shout responsibly. The Staff & Moderators at Hagadoo.Com have complete discretion concerning these areas. Violators will be alerted in a PM from the Staff.

3. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and free to express it. When doing so, Please do not break Rule #2.

4.If you have a problem with another member of the site, Please express your views to him or her in a private message. Do not air your dirty laundry out in the forums or the shout box. Failure to comply will result in a warning. Continued abuse could result in banning.

5. Hagadoo.Com is a gaming site built around several different gaming platforms. Cheating, trainers, or hacks, as well as links to forums telling you how to do so will not be tolerated. Members can be permanently banned for repeated offenses in this area.

6. You are responsible for your user name & password! If you give out your user name & password to someone else and they come in an abuse the site & rules, You will be banned. Not the individual you gave it to. Be smart when you give this information to others who want it.

7. If you wish to change your screen name, please contact any Staff member at Hagadoo.Com in a PM stating why you must change your screen name. The Staff are the only ones that will change it for you! If you are caught with two screen names, one will be deleted & you will be warned in a PM from the Staff.

8. Any SPK file, custom objects, textures,sounds, etc... are the sole property of and the maker of said object and are not to be used without the permission of or the maker of said object. By allowing to host said item, is free to use the maps how they see fit and are still free to use the item in the event that you are no longer a member here.

9. Do not link any thing to another site with out the permission from the STAFF here and where the link is going to. Repeated violators will lose the forum privileges.

10. Any association with patches higher than 1.2 or discussion of, will cause an automatic suspension of your account here, no questions asked!


Hagadoo.Com reserves the right to amend, change, or delete any Avatar or Signature that does not conform to these standards
AVATAR: 125pixels x 125pixels with a max file size of 81000bitesNo animated Avatars, Please.
SIGNATURE: 500pixels x 150pixels with a max file size of 400 KB's
If either one is too large, you will be warned & given ample time to fix it. If it is not fixed with in a reasonable amount of time, the Signature or Avatar will be deleted! These standards are set to keep the board the same size so that users do not have to scoll across the page to read.
No rude or offensive material is allowed in your avatar or signature. If unsuitable material is found it will be removed immediately. You will receive a notice of offense via PM. Continuing to violate the rules will result in the loss of your signature & avatar privileges.


The site has an "Image Host" in the right hand menu. We would prefer you use this for your signature & avatar as this will not slow the site down compared to a signature or avatar that is linked from another hosting site. Image host is for our site only! Do not link it to other sites. Also there is a file size restriction. It can only hold so much information.

Hagadoo.Com is a privately owned virtual hunting site for the use of all registered member. In accepting our terms of conditions you agree to follow all the rules. You acknowledge that failure to comply can result in permanent banning from this site. This site is for the enjoyment & entertainment of its members. Hagadoo.Com will provide you weekly hunts that challenge you and allow you to compete with some of the best hunters in the virtual world. Hunter standing will be posted every week. These standing will be used in awarding titles to individuals who are "The Best".

Hagadoo.Com is also the key destination for map makers. The site offers everything from tutorials to custom objects. Hagadoo.Com has Staff aviliable to answer all your questions about map making, & virtual hunting.


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Published on: 2008-11-16 (2362 reads)

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