Team Speak

Team Speak is a great program that will allow you to converse with other hunters while hunting for fun or in a tournament. Below is the information you need to download the teamspeak program, install it and find the server.

1. Go and download the TS2 Client, not the server.

2. Install program and follow directions

3. Once installed the program should be open for you, if so click on connect, if not, , right click the icon in your task bar and say Connect.

4. The screen will be divided into several boxed. Right click on the word server and choose Add Server.

5. Type the name in for the server name.

6. On the right you will see a bunch of boxes. Do not worry, you are almost finished.. Under Label Type in

7. Server Address: Type in the following: Located In The Forums In Teamspeak Section

8. Under nickname, type in your screen name that you are using in the game.

9. Make sure the box is checked next to Anonymous.

Now Hit Connect and you will be connected to us and can talk.


Disable the Voice Activation... To do this follow the directions below.:

1. On the menu bar go to settings.

2. Next click on Sound input/output settings.

3. You will se an area called voice send method. Click on the "Push To Talk" box. It will then ask you to push a key. Push the button that you want to use to talk. The button I use is the wheel in the middle of the mouse also known as the scroll wheel. Push the button, in my case the wheel and the box will go away. Close the box and talk away.

***Registering with the Server***

The next step is to register with the server. To do this follow these steps.

1. Click on the self button. And then select register with server.

2. Type in your desired username and password. Click on the registered button and select the auto-reconnect box. Then resign in with the teamspeak server.

3. One you are registered you will be able to move into the other non-passworded channels on the server. If you do not register with the server you will not be able to move beyond the default channel. Â

This program works like MSN although you can get many people on it. I have it set to 100 users per channel. What that means is that I can have 100 people in one channel at one time. We have different channels set up for different games. Many of the passworded Hagadoo servers are set up by folks on teamspeak, so stop in and say hi and you can get the passwords to most hunts from the great folks that host servers here on Hagadoo. It is a great way to make new friends. Nothing better then hunting and chatting at the same time. Many of our members play other games as well.

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